Spelling Matters

Sloppy writing and spelling is not acceptable. Your company is being evaluated based on your document presentation.

Did you catch the typo in the BD Tips email about Words to Avoid in Proposals? If not, you may have skimmed the information (just as evaluators may do when reviewing your proposal). If you did catch it, what did you think?

You may have seen the information below floating around the internet for the past 15 years (though not from Cambridge University) illustrating that comprehension remains essentially unchanged when the letters of a word are not in order as long as the first and last letters are placed correctly. That’s an interesting example of what our brains can do. However, when typos are present in business documents, you may be sending your potential customer the message that you don’t pay attention to details. They may take the standpoint that if you aren’t diligent in your proposal when asking for the business, you’ll have the same approach when doing the work. Sloppy is not acceptable.

Run spell check at least two (2) times and do a final White Glove Review. I’ll talk more about Color Team Reviews in another BD Tips…but the White Glove Review is the final Review before Production and Delivery. These reviewers should not need a pen or paper. It should be a final read through to be sure any changes did not result in fragmented sentences or misplaced sections.

Another tip to find any typos, especially in marketing pieces, is to read each sentence in reverse.