Words to Avoid in Proposals

There are some words that should be avoided in Proposal writing.

You may already know there are some words that shouldn’t be used in Proposals. If you don’t, please take a few minutes and get familiar with them. They can make or break your message. For example:

  • Ensure: indicates contractual obligation
  • Etc.: evaluators say this is used when people are too lazy to actually document all the information…or they don’t have the information needed.
  • Moreover; nevertheless; nonetheless; wherefore; whence; notwithstanding: These are useless words.

There may be times to use some of these words but it should only be with strategy in mind. It may be necessary to do a universal search to be sure you find all of them. Some writers can’t help themselves and use them ad nauseam.

Over 100 Words to Avoid in Proposals